Consumer Protection

As a consumer, you have rights that are safeguarded by consumer protection law. Attorneys Andrew Hay, Heather Swann and Emily Ratzler will stand up for your consumer rights against big business, fraud, and those who abuse their position in the business community.

At the Hay Law Firm, we have practiced consumer protection law since our founding in 1997, serving clients throughout the South Puget Sound area. We have handled cases involving unfair and abusive collection practices, lemon laws, credit report fraud, warranty disputes, misrepresentation of goods and services, and fraudulent practices that violate consumer protection law.

Compassionate and Experienced Advocates for Consumer Rights

As tireless advocates for consumer rights, Andrew, Heather and Emily relish every opportunity they get to use their skills and experience to fight for their clients when their consumer rights have been violated. The lead attorney Andrew Hay has served on the Consumer Protection Committee of the Washington State Bar, and our firm has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003.

Harassment and Abusive Collection Practices

Our firm can assist you in defending the actions of debt collectors. If you are getting threatening letters and phone calls from a debt collector at home or at work, one call from us can make it stop – and force your tormentor to deal with our law firm directly. It is illegal for collectors to lie to you about your debt or speak directly to your employer about garnishing your wages. By documenting this abuse, we can turn the tables on businesses for their bad practices.

Auto-Related Fraud

We advise clients of their rights in cases involving lemon laws and in cases of fraudulent auto financing practices. Our law firm also represents clients who unknowingly purchase cars without proper documentation, including foreign cars that do not meet proper emissions standards.

Credit Report Fraud

If a creditor has reported false information about you and is damaging your credit report, we can help. We handle cases involving re-aging of debt by fraudulent creditors.

Additionally, our firm also protects the rights of consumers in cases involving unlicensed contractors, implied warranties, high-pressure sales, and franchises that issue unfair marching orders to franchisees. Contact us to consult with an attorney who will stand up for your consumer rights.

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