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Andrew Hay, Attorney at Law
Heather Swann, Attorney at Law

With over 30 years of legal experience, Andrew Hay is the founding lawyer of the Hay Law Firm in Tacoma, Washington. Attorneys Andrew Hay and Heather Swann provide clients with diligent representation and close personal attention from beginning to resolution of their situation. Practice areas include family law, real estate, probate and estate planning, personal injury and consumer protection.

As lawyers experienced in multiple areas of practice, we inform clients of their legal options and empower them to make strategically informed decisions regarding their cases and the outcomes they seek. We deal with our clients on a person-to-person level.

  • Family Law: We are a three-attorney team providing a continuous personal approach to your family law case.  Court action affecting family and other personal relationships is among the most difficult experiences in life. We help you make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Real Estate: We help buyers and sellers make wise legal decisions in commercial and residential real estate transactions, with strong and straightforward documentation, including purchases and sales, leases, issues with property title, nondisclosure and fraud, and foreclosures.
  • Probate and Estate Planning: Our law firm helps clients proactively obtain the estate planning tools they need for their peace of mind and their family's security. Our probate law practice helps families administer and distribute family estates when loved ones pass away with or without a will.
  • Consumer Protection:  In consumer protection, Heather, Andrew and Emily appreciate the opportunity to protect the consumer rights of the little guy in taking on big business. Our law firm is proud to be a BBB Accredited Business.
  • Personal Injury:  We have litigated countless cases involving vehicle accidents and other forms of personal injury and property damage.  We believe each case has its own unique characteristics that ultimately dictate how a jury will view it. We have the experience and resources necessary to maximize the positive attributes of each case in order to help our clients obtain the results they deserve.

Our lawyers are reasonable attorneys who encourage clients to likewise be reasonable. But when your opponents are unreasonable, we provide strong courtroom representation to resolve our clients' legal problems.

Contact us to discuss taking prudent steps toward the resolution of your legal situation.

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Andrew Hay, Attorney at Law
Heather Swann, Attorney at Law

Client Testimonials

“Andrew’s expertise and guidance were very reassuring. Over the past eight years, he has helped me with a number of different commercial and residential real estate issues. He is efficient, competent, and highly professional. Whenever I am asked about whom to turn to for legal advice, I recommend Andrew Hay.” -John – Bonney Lake

“After investing four years and over $23,000 in attorney fees to gain custody of my twin boys, my wife and I were not happy with the progress of our case. We reevaluated our priorities and goals and decided it was time to change our strategy and legal representation. After conducting hours of research and speaking to past clients, we decided to retain the services of the "Hay Law Firm." Andrew Hay, Heather Swann, and their team exceeded our goals and settled our case in one third the previous time invested. Andrew and his staff represented our family and pursued our children's interest with a sense of urgency and understanding that was beyond reproach.” -Christopher - Yelm

“I would highly recommend Andrew and Heather. They were both very professional. I was very pleased with their representation in my dissolution. Even though I was residing out of state, they kept me fully advised about my case from the initial petition all the way through trial. They are an outstanding legal team who I would confidently recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you both.” -Luba – Grain Valley, Missouri

“Heather, thank you for your help with the custody of my two boys. I was very pleased with your knowledge and professionalism throughout the whole process. Your efforts to resolve my case were diligent and undeterred. In a time of such turmoil, you were there to help me through. Thank you for bringing an end to a long and litigious custody battle. We appreciate everything you have done for us.” -Barbara – Burlington

“Heather helped me to get custody of my son. She was very forthright in explaining the emotional and financial costs of a custody case. She walked me through the details, explaining everything that was going to happen, so I knew how my case would proceed. I know she had other cases besides mine, but she made me feel like mine was her only case. She helped me to reach a great settlement that was what I wanted and was in the best interest of my son. I am thankful for all she did.” -Lindsey – Milton

"My wife and I were very pleased with the work Andy and his team did for us recently. Andy was a patient listener when I described the issue, welcomed background information I was able to provide, gave me a thoughtful assessment of the opportunities and risks associated with the issue (which turned out to be almost precisely what he was able to accomplish); took much of the worry burden off our shoulders; and handled the matter essentially by himself, without much direct involvement by my wife and I, once our strategy (which he suggested) was approved. His estimates of cost were right on target and were reasonable, and he was able to incorporate several aspects of importance to us into the final settlement agreement. He took the initiative in managing the settlement process. I know he had support from other members of his team. I will not hesitate to hire your firm again, if needed." -Kenneth - Lakewood

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